Cait’s Story

Cait is an Idaho mom of three boys who unexpectedly received a phone call stating her children's health coverage had lapsed.

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Kootenai County, Idaho

Cait is an Idaho mom of three boys, two of which are on the autism spectrum and require special care and attention for additional health conditions. In 2019, Cait received a phone call giving her notice that her children had lost health coverage unexpectedly. Cait struggled to go through years of paperwork to find all of the necessary forms to make sure she had provided what was needed for her kids to maintain their health coverage and process the renewal on time.

Cait was told she was sent a notice of the renewal requirements and that she should have received it in the mail, which she did not. Her family’s case manager didn’t know the document was coming either, or that they had lost health coverage. Cait was left in the dark with her two children in need of consistent access to necessary treatments.

There are dozens of similar stories where a child’s health coverage is jeopardized or unexpectedly terminated due to complicated administrative processes and burdens. All of which cause confusion and red tape to coverage for kids and families.  Idaho Kids Covered is committed to advocating for policies that ensure consistent coverage for Idaho kids.

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