KTVB-7: St. Luke’s and Mexican Consulate launch a bilingual mental health resource guide

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According to a recent report published by Mental Health America, suicide rates in Idaho are 48% higher than the national average. The report also states Idaho is ranked as one of the top states with mental health issues and the lowest-ranked for access to resources and support.

Another report by Idaho Kids Covered stated that one in five Idaho teens experienced depression in 2020 making it the highest rate in the country.

“As of 2020, nearly 20% of Idaho teens also struggled with depression which is actually the second-highest rate in the entire country. What’s even more troubling about that 20% is that over 55% of those teens received no treatment and that’s as of 2020. That rate increased to 61% in 2021”, said Cristian Corza, an outreach specialist for Idaho Voices for Children.”


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