KIVI: New report shows Idaho’s maternal and infant health trends worsening. How advocates want to to fix it.

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“A new report by Idaho Kids Covered shows Idaho’s maternal and infant health trends are worsening.

Idaho Kids Covered recently released a new report claiming 100% of Idaho’s maternal deaths in 2018 and 2019 were preventable. Health Advocates are calling on lawmakers to improve support for pregnant women and their babies.”


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Idaho Maternal and Infant Healthcare Report 2023

Idaho Kids Covered originally published our Idaho Maternal and Infant Health Report in the fall of 2022.
One year later, maternal and infant health needs in Idaho have only grown. Yet, when we look at state trends, almost every single health data metric included in our last report has continued in the wrong direction.

More pregnant women, new moms, and babies in our state are dying—but most of these deaths are preventable. Idaho policymakers have the opportunity to consider what the data shows about the needs of families and act now to advance a set of broad state priorities that will improve birth outcomes, the health of infants, and the well-being of moms. Idaho moms and babies simply cannot afford another year of inaction.