ONE PAGER: 100% Kids Health Coverage

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New one pager highlighting the barriers to coverage for Idaho kids and the steps we can take to ensure access to health care.

Cover Every Idaho Kid
No child should be denied care, but thousands of children are unable to get health coverage or are forced to delay or forgo treatment because of their family’s background or immigration status. Harmful policies that create barriers to care based on background and immigrant status perpetuate disparities in health outcomes that impact families and communities for generations. A child’s background should not be a barrier to accessing healthcare.

Connect Families to Care
Idaho must promote policy decisions that eliminate barriers to the most appropriate care for children and families. Policymakers should support outreach and enrollment assistance efforts so families can easily connect with the care and coverage that is right for their unique circumstances. To ensure a healthy start for every child, each newborn in Idaho should be enrolled in health coverage before leaving the hospital. Addressing Idaho’s provider shortage will ensure every child – regardless of zip code – can access timely and quality healthcare services.

Ensure Consistent Coverage
Lapses health coverage can have long-term effects on the health and well-being of children and can create family financial hardship. Consistent access to health coverage not only ensures children receive regular wellness exams, it also helps to reduce medical debt and bankruptcy, school absenteeism, and lost work days for parents. Once enrolled in health coverage, it is imperative that children remain covered without navigating confusing or overly burdensome renewal processes.


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